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Pearson Edexcel A levels

Pearson Edexcel A levels


About this Pearson Edexcel A levels

The story of Pearson being the largest award organization in the United Kingdom did not begin with the establishment of Edexcel in 1996. It started as long ago as 1836, when the University of London was granted its first powers by a royal charter to administer exams and confer degrees on its students. Pearson launched a new framework in May 2013 that incorporates its separate education businesses, Pearson International and Pearson North America, into one Pearson organization structured across three global business lines, School, Higher Education and Professional. In 2005, when Pearson plc took full ownership, Edexcel became the first broad review board to be kept in private hands. Subsequently, Edexcel obtained funding from its new parent company.


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